Q: Do you offer all the backdrops seen on your site?

A: No, we often do custom backdrops for events,  check out our backdrops section to see what we are currently using. If you have your own ideas, we love getting creative and trying new things! 

Q: What if I want more/less than 3 hours?

A: We typically recommend 3 hours minimum, but will work with you to find the right amount of time to fit your event.


Q: Do you print strips of pictures?

A: No, we print out full 4x6 high quality photos. We take pride in the quality of our pictures, which gets lost with those tiny squares on your typical photo strip. Our pictures are ready for a frame, photo book or just to keep on your refrigerator.  (Once you get your pics you will be glad we abandoned the strip!)

Q: What do you charge?

A: Every event is different so we like to make sure we are giving you the best deal. A 2 hour holiday party is going to be a lot different than a 600 person gala event for 6 hours. Just head on over to the contact page and we will get you a quote lickety split. 



Q: Can we have a special message displayed on each photo?

A: Yes, a lot of reunions will have a graduation date along with their mascot, and weddings and bridal showers sometimes add the date or the bride and grooms names. No problemo.

Q: How do I get more copies of a picture I am in?

A: We post all the pictures from the night on a private event gallery. Just follow the link given to you at the event and you can save any picture directly to your computer. Then you can save, print, share, the choice is yours!

Q: How much space do you require?

A: Since we are an open air booth we can fit just about anywhere! We can make our booth as small or as large as the space allows. 

Q: How long do I have to wait for my photos?

A: We have a top of the line Hiti 525L photo printer that prints images in just under 12 seconds. 

Q: Can we bring our own props?

A: Absolutely, the more merrier! We can also provide customized props tailored to your event. For example, casino night, holiday themed, college reunion swag, etc....